Lazy Bear

A modern American fine-dining dinner party.

3416 19th Street, Mission District, San Francisco

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We think that the best dining experiences are the ones in which we’re seated around a table sharing food and stories with others. Lazy Bear started as a dinner party in 2009, and now in our permanent location, it is still a dinner party. We hope it’s the best dinner party you’ve ever attended.

Our food is modern American, in the sense that we try to serve flavors that are intrinsically delicious and familiar to our American palates, in a format that calls to mind those great American shared eating experiences that we love. It’s communal and social, but the food and drinks are refined.



We are open Tuesday-Saturday, and closed Sunday and Monday. Normally we do two seatings each night at 6:00pm and 8:30pm, but may sometimes sell tickets for other times.

Ticket Pricing Info

The tasting menu varies between $135 and $169 per person depending on day and time, for 12+ courses. Beverage pairings are available at an additional $85. We automatically add a 20% service charge when purchasing a ticket (and on any purchases you make at the restaurant) to ensure that we can pay our employees a fair wage, and to make the end of your night as easy and relaxed as possible.

A Note About Ticketing

We serve one menu each night, a tasting menu of twelve-ish courses plus some extras, in two seatings. 6pm and 8:30pm. We seat communally at long American elm slab tables. The entire dining room is served each course at the same time, and cooks come out and describe the dishes. Lazy Bear is a unique, social experience that depends on a packed house to create an energetic vibe. By requiring pre-purchase of tickets, we minimize the frequency of no-shows, and ensure we create the best possible dining experience.

We sell each month’s tickets all at once, usually on a weekday in the middle of the previous month. For example, February tickets were sold on Monday, January 12. We usually give at least a week of notice on the exact ticket sale date via Twitter, and send an email to our mailing list on the day of our ticket sale.

Tickets are not refundable and can’t be switched to a different date or time, but they are transferable to other people. Think of it like buying a ticket to a concert, baseball game, or movie.