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Blistered Tomatoes

Carrots Two Ways, with Red Curry, Buttermilk, Peanuts, Nori

  1. Steamed, partially dehydrated, rehydrated, charred, sauteed (top)
  2. Roasted and glazed in intensely reduced carrot juice (bottom)


Honey, Humboldt Fog, Shinko Pear, Wood Sorrel, Honey Meringues

Sweet Pea Panna Cotta, Benton's Ham Bits

Artichokes, Grass Shrimp, Wood Sorrel, Spring Onion, Katsuoboshi

Cured Tombo Aged in Lime Ash, BBQ Pineapple, Lime Zest

Broccoli, Barley, Cheddar, Beer

Wagyu Striploin, Sunchoke, Red Pepper, Fennel Bulb, Onion, Beef Sauce

Corned Pork Belly Hash, Slow-Cooked Egg (Lazy Bear Brunch)

Shrimp And Grits (Lazy Bear Brunch)