Upcoming Dates

We have several events on the calendar, and we figured we would share with you, our loyal eaters. Our next events will be dinners on Friday and Saturday, January 27 and 28. Reservations for these dates will open up TOMORROW, January 10, and will remain open through Thursday, January 12 until midnight. There will be a separate post tomorrow, with a tentative menu, price, details, etc. As always, submitting a reservation request does not mean you have a seat, since we sometimes get up to a few hundred requests for 48 spots per weekend. After the request period has closed, we run the lottery and pseudo-randomly select which patrons will initially be offered spots. That first group will hear back from us over the weekend. There are always cancellations, or people who submitted a reservation request but can't make it, so we then offer reservations to others on a rolling basis as they become available.

All dates currently on the calendar:

  • January 27-28
  • February 10-11
  • March 2-3

In addition, we have openings for private events at various times in between. Info on private events is at http://www.lazybearsf.com/blog/privatedining.php.