Wine List

With 1000+ labels, our wine list spans some of the best wines across the world, from the early 20th century to the present, as well as many under-appreciated gems. The list, curated by Beverage Director Matthew Dulle, features one of the deepest collections of mature California wine of any restaurant in the world, and hundreds of other incredible but lesser-known wines. Peruse the wine list by clicking this link.


Beverage Pairings

While our wine list contains a great deal of exciting options, it also contains, well, a great deal of options. Should you choose to enjoy an evening free of decisions, the Lazy Bear Sommelier Team has you covered. Each night, we dig deep into our cellar to find wines, sakes, beers, etc. that highlight not only each dish but also the dynamic progression of the menu our chefs have put together. Our team of sommeliers will offer some context for each of those pairings as the evening progresses.

Both the Beverage Pairing and the Reserve Pairing will start with a glass of Champagne upstairs and will include a tasting pour (2oz.) for each course downstairs. For those concerned about over-imbibing, the pairings are designed to amount to roughly 3-3.5 glasses by the end of the evening, just slightly more than one drink per hour. For those of you who came to party, we are more than happy to top off any pairings you particularly enjoy.

Beverage Pairing $95. Each evening, we choose wines and other beverages from off-the-beaten-path styles and regions and put them into a context we think shows both their best side and the best of our cuisine.

Reserve Pairing $175. The Reserve Pairing follows the same philosophy as our Beverage Pairing, though for these selections, we like to dig a little deeper into our cellar for some of the older vintages and rare bottles we’ve dug up and personally vetted from around the globe.

Non-Alcoholic Pairing $55. Our bartender can prepare a progression of five or so cocktails just for you, to complement your meal.


In keeping with our cuisine, our bar program is produce-centric. Rather than centering our drinks around one of the same spirits to which every bar in the country has access, Bar Director William Tsui makes the amazing produce of the San Francisco Bay Area–both wild and cultivated–the focus of our drinks.